Aggressive Hammerhead La Jolla, California

Saturday, August 29, 2015:  An 8 to 10-foot hammerhead circles a couple of fishing kayaks off La Jolla Shores (see video below).  As the kayaks return to the Avenida de la Playa launching area with the yellowfin tuna they had caught (the fish had been "bled out" earlier to keep them fresh) the hammerhead followed into shallow water.  News reports say the shark bit at the bottom of the kayak, excited by the scent of bled-out fish.  However, I encountered a friend who is a kayak tour guide at LJ Shores a couple of hours later and was told that the hammerhead actually tipped one of the kayaks and knocked its operator into the water.  A tour-guide colleague of hers raced to the scene and slapped his paddle on the water, driving off the shark.  From that point on La Jolla beaches were closed for 24 hours.  Read more here (although there is no mention of the man being tipped into the water).  Theories are that the super-warm El Nino water (now reaching 77 degrees F) has brought hammerheads farther north, and the yellowfin too.

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